The Start of the Journey

My Dad

My Dad was a beacon of perseverance and joy, leading an extraordinary life marked by remarkable achievements and passions. His journey was one of embracing every moment with enthusiasm and love. My Dad was a successful businessman and a man of diverse interests. His passion for sports was evident in his engagement with hunting, fishing, and golfing, reflecting his zest for life and nature. His adventurous spirit was captured in his flights as a pilot, touching the skies with the same ease and grace with which he navigated life.

A life well lived

Spirit of Adventure

My dad's amazing life was marked by distinguished service, unforgettable experiences, and a profound love for his family. Each chapter of his story showcases a life lived fully and passionately, from serving in the Navy in the Philippines to sharing a plane with the Beatles on their first trip to the United States and nurturing a loving family. His experiences symbolized his journey through an era of transformation and excitement, capturing the spirit of a man always at the heart of where adventure beckoned.

the start of a new journey

Celebration of Life

Traveling regularly offers me the unique opportunity to spread my dad's ashes in new locations worldwide, a moving and profound act that connects his adventurous spirit to the beauty of the globe. This journey serves as a remembrance and a celebration of his legacy, allowing me to scatter his essence in places he either dreamed of visiting or cherished deeply. It's an honor to integrate his spirit into the fabric of the world, intertwining his story with mine in a perpetual bond. Through this process, I am constantly reminded of his boundless love and adventurous soul, making each location not just a place where he rests but a testament to his remarkable life and the everlasting impact he made on my heart.

we need to share this experience with others

Their Next Journey Begins

Inspired by the profound journey of spreading my dad's ashes across the globe, my friends and I founded Their Next Journey to help others continue the legacies of their loved ones. Understanding the emotional depth and the desire to connect with unique and meaningful locations, we sought to create a service that offers a compassionate and personalized approach to remembrance. Our business is built on the foundation of empathy, respect, and a deep appreciation for the stories that every individual carries. This endeavor is more than a service; it's a mission to assist others in honoring their loved ones in a way that celebrates their life and contributions, ensuring their memory is forever intertwined with the world's beauty. Through this, we hope to bring comfort, closure, and a sense of continuing connection to those navigating the journey of loss and remembrance.

- Marc, Ashley, Tom, Sarah, Nate and Emily

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